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International transportation, outsourcing of foreign economic activity,
customs clearance, warehouse equipment

Standard and unique delivery methods, customs support, manufacturing of storage systems & related services
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If you are just starting your way in foreign economic activity
Our company will be your reliable guide.

If you have been on the market for a long time, but there are new tasks
We will be happy to suggest convenient solutions.

If your warehouse facilities require equipment and modernization
We will design and manufacture the best option.

How we can be useful
International transportation

Organization of delivery of general cargo by various types of transport:

- multimodal transportation
- transportation by container, sea, air, rail
- development of logistics schemes for the delivery of equipment and packaged cargo to and from Russia, Europe, China , Russian Federation and in the opposite direction
Temporary import by ATA carnets

Fast and convenient way of temporary import of goods to exhibitions

Services for the registration of temporary import of goods using foreign ATA carnets at airports, at cargo terminals in Moscow region, at exhibitions
Preparation of documents

Customs clearance, detailed review and of elaborated contracts with suppliers from scratch

We analyze and prepare a full set of documents for customs clearance, both for the digital signature of your company and for the digital signature of the customs representative. We work out subtlety in contracts with suppliers, especially from Southeast Asia, and also offer mediation when communicating with foreign partners.
Warehouse equipment

Warehouse metal structures - racks, lifts, fences, containers

We design, manufacture, modernize, deliver warehouse equipment both on a turnkey basis and element by element, depending on the requirements and wishes of customers.
About the company
"Meritim" is a traditional company, the creation of which dates back to Moscow with the Alta-Forum, widely known in various Russian regions, training courses for customs clearance specialists. That time logistic professionals and representatives of various customs departments of Russian companies received customs accreditation from Central Customs Directorate. Every two years the specialists confirm their qualifications at exams. Professional interests created motivation and stability of the new transport and logistics joint venture with maximum attention to the interests of customers.
Why you can choose our company?
Maximum attention to the customer.

Your requests and wishes are very important to us. You will receive an immediate answer at a convenient time for you. We work for you 24 hours per day.

Long-term reliable and stable relationship

We have excellent transport and customs partners in Russia (St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Ussuriysk) and abroad (Austria, Germany, France, Italy, China). Our employee have rich experience and professional education.
Huge experience and specialized education

Our specialists are educated in leading universities of Russia and are fluent in the main European languages and have more than 20 years of experience in logistics and customs. They are constantly improving their qualifications.

Convenient financial instruments

We have the opportunity to work both under the main taxation system (for legal entities) and under the simplified one (for individuals and individual entrepreneurs). We use both standard and modern accelerated payment methods.

Pricing policy
Our policy reflects the state of relations and demands of each individual customer and depends on current market conditions, as well as on the cost of implementing the required cargo delivery service. Warehouse equipment is manufactured according to individual projects after the visit of a specialist to the site where the requirements for the subject of the order are specified and an assembly plan is drawn up. To form a commercial offer please send us a message with the details of the request or contact us for a personal meeting.
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